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Stop plumbing problems and go green with Bio-Clean. Nothing gets drains or septic tanks cleaner. The friendly bacteria waste eliminator.

Bio-Clean Commonly Asked Questions:

Why is the product so expensive?

At $50 Bio-Clean is extremely economical. Remember there are 100 drain treatments in every can so that’s 50 cents per treatment. Bio-Clean is also multi-purpose and can be used in drains, septic tanks, garbage disposals, cat boxes, RV and boat holding tanks, outhouses, drain fields or anywhere organic material builds up. You won’t get this kind of value out of any other product on the market.

I can buy similar products at home centers for less money. Why is Bio-Clean better?

Here we need to compare apples to apples. The products sold at home centers are typically a 1 lb can or smaller. Bio-Clean is a 2lb can. If they pay $10.00 for the 1 lb can they now need to double that price to equal the can of Bio-Clean.They are now up to 20 dollars. In an independent laboratory test Bio-Clean decomposed 92% of the organic material tested in a 12 hour period. Most of those products did anywhere from 12% to 40%. They would now need to buy another 3 to 6 cans to match Bio-Cleans performance putting them well over 60 dollars. Also, Check the labels, Bio-Clean is 100% safe for the environment and offers a money back guarantee. Can the competition say that?

What if Bio-Clean does not perform? 

Bio-Clean should be allowed sufficient time to perform and when used as directed is guaranteed to give customer satisfaction. If it does not, consumers should bring any unused product and proof of purchase back to the dealer they bought it from for a full refund. (Refund is limited to the purchase price of the product) See the Money-Back Guarantee printed on the side of the can.  

How long will Bio-Clean last in the can?

Because the bacteria in Bio-Clean are dormant until mixed with water it has an unlimited shelf life, as long as it does not get wet. Also do not store it in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

How do I know how much to use in each drain?

There are directions printed on the side of the can with a measuring spoon and additional instructions on a card inside the can. Typically, you would use 1 scoop of Bio-Clean and 1 pint of warm water per drain. Consumers can also refer to www.bio-clean.com for more information. 

Will Bio-Clean harm my pipes?

NO. Bio-Clean is made of natural bacteria and enzymes that will not harm your plumbing system. Bio-Clean does not contain any acids, caustics, lye, solvents, perfume, alcohol, or chlorine. Bio-Clean is 100% safe for humans, pets and the environment.

How much do I need to treat my septic tank?  

2lb Can– 2 Cans. Add 1 can of Bio-Clean directly to the septic tank. Have them use the other can to treat all the drains in the house once per month. This will add live bacteria to the septic tank on a monthly basis and keep the drains running free and clean. 

Septic Packets- 1 box of 12 Septic Packets is equal to 2 cans of Bio-Clean. When using septic packets it is not necessary to pre-treat the tank. Just flush the contents of 1 Septic Packet down the toilet every month.

Both treatments mentioned above will treat up to a 1,000 Gallon Septic Tank for 1 Year.

Will Bio-Clean eliminate the need to pump?

There is nothing on the market that can eliminate pumping. Bio-Clean will, however, dramatically reduce the amount of sludge present when you do pump and ensure the waste accumulating in your septic tank is being properly biodegraded.

Since there are bacteria present in the tank already why do I need Bio-Clean?

The bacteria in Bio-Clean are hardier and faster at biodegrading waste then the bacteria commonly found in septic systems. Typical septic tank bacteria are also incapable of digesting grease. That is why years ago kitchens were plumbed around septic tanks. Bio-Clean contains microbes specifically selected to digest grease. Secondly, a major shift has occurred in the types of cleaning products consumers use. Synthetic detergents have been developed and have almost completely taken over the market. Septic tank bacteria are unable to biodegrade these synthetics. We took this into account when formulating Bio-Clean and have included organisms that will use these detergents as a food source and in the process biodegrade them. 

Will Bio-Clean plug up my drain field?

No. Bio-Clean digests waste right in the tank by using a powerful blend of bacteria and enzymes. As these microbes wash out into the drain field they will feed on any sludge that may be present in the filter bed. Bio-Clean will actually restore failing drain fields by introducing it directly into the drain field through clean outs, distribution boxes and vent pipes. 

Will household cleaners kill the bacteria in my septic tank?

Many household products contain chemicals that will kill the bacteria in your tank. Routinely using products that are anti-bacterial or chlorinated may result in expensive problems with your septic system. These problems always occur at the worst possible time and include things like backups, foul odors and failed filter beds. Ask for a copy of our “How to Stop Killing Sheet” so you know which products are safe to use. Most products that say they are biodegradable or septic safe should be ok to use.